• meatcutter posted an update 2 years, 3 months ago

    got a question to throw out there. i have a beer keg with a simple 2 in pot head i got gaskets from hillbilly but they seem not to fit question is are they suppose to fit in the grove on the bottom of the head or do u just lay them on the keg and clamp the head down

    • your o ring should lay in the groove on the pot head and just seal to the top of your beer keg.

      • mine dose not fit in the grove is there a different size i got the head and rings from hillbilly

        • oops i meant gasket not rings

        • please call us Monday morning and Tell us the issue. We will get the correct one out to you. Tell them to check with Mike if need be. I will make sure we get you the correct one. I am very sorry for this. We will get this out on Monday.. Send me your name, order no. if you have it and I will just make sure we get it out to you on Monday.