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    I got a mash I made this past Sunday out of sweetfeed I started it at a 14% yield with yeast from the grocery store , it has stalled out at 8% right now . Should I add more or just keep letting it go to see what happens? The mash is at about 98 degrees so I know it’s not the cold

    • hi kwood, sounds like you used bakers yeast im not positive but it may have reached its acohol tolerance I never use it but I think its maxs is around 8 to 10 percent a good yeast to use is whiskey pure with ag you can get up to 13 or 14 with it. whats your hydrometer reading right now?

    • It’s at about 8% right now

    • I’ll check when I get home but I used 50lbs sugar and 27 gallons of water, I checked my reading and I had a temp of 101f at one time so I bet my yeast died out

      • Most yeast will produce “off flavours” at that high of temperature and from my experience I only get 8- 10% abv from bakers yeast before it really slow down with all grain mashes. Just my experience. White Labs yeast says to ferment at 90 degrees if on the grain and 72-75 degrees if the grain is removed before fermentation .