• kenny posted an update 1 year, 11 months ago

    @mike Question i see recipes where you run your still fast then redo it again
    so do u just cut the flame off open it up pour the liquor you made back into the wash left in the still? does this give you more liquor or higher proof? i am using a 5 gallon copper still..

    • Kenny the first run is the stripping run that’s where you collect all the product down to 20% then dilute it with spring water to 35 to 40 % and do a spirit run doing this gives you a higher proof and a cleaner product. Using a 5 gal still youll want to do 3 or four stripping run and then use them to do a spirit run.
      unless your still has a thump keg inline then 1 run is enough to gget a good product.

    • NO, you empty your wash from your still. Then cut your product to 50% with water. Then redistill. I hope this helps you