• jed928 posted an update 2 years, 5 months ago

    So I made a fresh batch of mash 13 days ago. I used 17 pounds of flaked maize, 5 pounds of crushed malted 2 row, and 20 pounds of dextrose but I found a 5 pound bag of fresh ground cornmeal. I used 10 gallons of water and added 3 bags of turbo yeast because after other batches had finished, the wash was still really sweet. After about 3 days the fermenting had stopped. On day 7 I noticed it was fermenting again, not vigorously but you could tell it was. I’m now on day 13 and its still going. How long can the mash sit before it spoils and can’t be used?

    • I meant to type I added a 5 pound bag of fresh ground cornmeal that I found.

    • leave it until it taste bitter. If it is sweet it is not finished working. It will work very hard for the first few days, then it will slow way down. if you can see any movement it is still working