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    I started to make wine and beer about 30 years ago, decided to see if I could make good liquor about 6 years ago. Started out with an old fashioned rig, copper pot, thumper and worm. Had to run twice, but It wasn’t bad. I bought a 26gal pot and hillbilly flute from Mike and have not looked back. Set the old rig up as a display (not in public). I might suggest that electric heat is the safest way to go. When I first ran the flute it puked 90% out the parrot, If there had been open flame would have had a bad day.

    • Hey man welcome to the forum. Ive got a flute order hopefully it ships this week. ive been running a hbs pot still with good results mite hit you up on some advice running the flute when I get it. Welcome aboard!