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    I make what I consider to be a really good Sweet Feed moonshine.
    Anytime I use grains I clean them thru a sifter I made out of a window screen you will be amazed how much dirt and dust is in your grains wether you get them from a elevator or your local brew shop. I put 8 pounds of clean sweet feed in a straining bag add 4 gallons of water and heat to 160 degrees for 90-100 minutes working the grains real good with my big spatula to get all the flavors out of the grains. I then hold the bag of grains above the pot for 20-30 minutes letting them drain and I spritz the bag with cold water from my water hose washing any flavors and sugars from my grains. I then rack off into my 8 gallon fermenter containing 160 oz. of honey and 7 pounds of brown sugar using my degasser on my drill to mix and dissolve the sugars. Let cool to 90 degrees add yeast nutrients and enzymes at this point it’s 1.096 SG when it cools to 85 degrees and pitch Dady. I cover and attach my airlock. Within 1-2 hours it’s fermenting well after 6 hours the airlock is bubbling non stop for 2 days at 5 days it’s really slowed to a slow ferment at 7 days the SG is .999 and ready to run in my still. I have. 5 gallon pot with a 3 gallon thumper. I throw off the first 10 oz. of foreshots my first quart off is 160 proof second quart is 150 then 140 130 120 110 when it gets too 100 proof I save for my next run. I blend and cut to 45% ABV. ending up with about 2 1/2 gallons of a very enjoyable whiskey.